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IBBE Consulting wants to be the preferred partner in Business Ethics and Compliance Management helping your company to implement your Compliance Program.
Complying with all the regulations, it will allow your business to grow and to remain competitive in an ethical and sustainable way.

I can help you:

  • Mastering the compliance strategy
  • Understanding key factors for establishing an ethics and compliance program, including international aspects relevant for the company
  • Identifying, measuring and managing the compliance risks
  • Establishing control and prevention mechanisms to mitigate compliance risks
  • Developing audit and monitoring mechanisms for the compliance program
  • Checking that the program fulfills its aim and ensuring continuous improvement

IBBE Consulting is based in Belgium, the heart of the European Community, and rooted in Spain, our company can help you set up a direct link for your European expansion.

I also provide services in:

  • Expertise on international regulations and export controls
  • Marketing studies
  • Business contacts and appointments
  • Certification
  • Specialized and thorough search of agents or representatives

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